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Serving Tray

A custom wooden serving tray is a must have. 

An unique gift idea for her, gift for him, housewarming gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, Christmas gift, Valentine gift in every occasion. 

Serving, displaying, storing a wide range of foods and drinks in kitchen and dining

Great item for decorating in home and living, kitchen, party, table, centerpieces.

We Offer 

Custom Engraving 

-Please give us your text you would like to engrave. We copy exactly what is given to us and design following your requirement. We don't do grammar or spell-checking.

-Please double-check your spelling and ensure that all of your information is accurate (dates, names, etc.). On engraved items, we cannot accept returns or refunds unless we made a mistake.

-Each piece is unique due to the nature of wood - the texture and appearance of the wood will vary and will not be identical to what you see in the photographs


- Medium Size: Length: 14 inch x Width 7 inch x Height 3/4 inch


Introducing our Pacific Islander Tribal Pattern Trivets, the perfect addition to your kitchen decor! These trivets are not only sturdy and practical but also exude a captivating aesthetic inspired by Pacific Islander tribal patterns.

Crafted with care, each trivet is approximately 3/4 inch thick and available in two sizes: 8"x8" or 8"x11". You can choose between two exquisite wood options: cherry or walnut. Please note that the shade and figuring of each wood piece may vary, making your trivet truly unique.

To protect the beauty of the wood and ensure its longevity, we finish each trivet with an all-natural food-grade white mineral oil. This gentle and chemical-free finish not only enhances the natural grain but also provides a layer of protection against everyday wear and tear.

When using any hot pot holder, it is always advisable to exercise caution and judgment. Different surface finishes react differently to heat, so it's essential to consider the characteristics of your specific surface. Additionally, since our trivets are finished with mineral oil, placing them directly on fabric tablecloths may cause the oil to transfer and potentially stain the cloth. We recommend using them on heat-resistant surfaces to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Embrace the beauty of Pacific Islander tribal patterns while ensuring your countertops and tables stay protected with our Pacific Islander Tribal Pattern Trivets. Add a touch of cultural charm and practicality to your kitchen today!