Latte Stone Rattler

Sea Turtle Rattler

Kalabow Rattler

Trigger Fish Rattler

Rooster Rattler

Monkey Rattler

Pineapple Rattler

Dragon Rattler

Durian Rattler

Our simple design rattles make special gifts for our future generations. Their soft, soothing sound, satin smooth surfaces and fun shapes entertain both young and old. Makes a great gift for a baby shower, first birthday, or baby's first toy. These rattles also make great nursery decor for any room!

Rattles provide a great source of stimulation, it helps infants improve hand eye coordination by stimulating their senses.  Babies like the sounds they produce and follow the path of the rattle with their eyes, as well as giving them a sense of discovery as they try to grab and hold the rattle.

We finish our rattles with our homemade, organic coconut oil/beeswax polish.  A care card instructions for your toy is enclosed with your purchase. 

An Eco-Friendly Safe Baby Toy

Product is made from natural materials. Since each toy is handmade, the exact color and grain pattern may differ slightly from what is shown in the picture.

All rattles have been prototyped and tested to meet CPSC regulations.


Size: approximately 4.5"(H)  x 4”(W) x .75” (D)

Materials: hard maple, cherry, or walnut

Sanded smooth, eco-friendly and baby safe

Care instructions enclosed

Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Made in Washington State